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Since we are experiencing a surge of new cases of COVID-19, I think the safest way to offer the Beyond Ethics training would be via Zoom. Therefore, I will purchase the Zoom Pro Plan and we will have our “live” training live from our homes/offices on August 7th. I will send you the Zoom info to join the meeting or call in by telephone closer to the time along with the material for the seminar. We will adjust to the new normal together!!!

Hope you can join us!

Beyond Ethics, LLC will be offering

3.0 Ethics CEUs in Louisiana in August and November, and in Colorado TBA

Look forward to seeing you for fun learning about Ethics this year.

Cost: $75 for one 3-hour workshop


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Mental Health Discipline

Louisiana Training:


I have invited an experienced clinician whom I have had the privilege of knowing for many years to join me in presenting at this seminar: John Gianforte, LPC, LMFT. John’s bio is set forth below. I invited him because he has been dealing with a clinical/legal situation that will illustrate many of the principles that I will be presenting. His day-to-day experience with the family in conflict (custody litigation) as well as the lawyers involved in the matter will be great grist for the training mill. Hope you can make it to hear the war stories that John can share with us – and how he successfully negotiated them with the lawyers, judge, and trial testifying.


Your computer or phone!
Via Zoom, sign-in details to follow.


August 7th (NEW DATE!) & November 6th, 2020

8:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

In order to have materials emailed to you prior to the seminar, payment and registration info must be received via email or mail (see address above) one week prior to the date of the seminar.

Description of Workshop:

Walking the Clinical High Wire with Couples, Families and Legal Involvement: Ethical Management of Risk

In this workshop, Deb and participants will examine the high-risk nature of clinical practice in 2020. Deb will present vital information for participants’ ethical responses in this litigious day and age. Also, Deb will facilitate discussion of participants’ case examples, as well as her own work defending clinicians in Louisiana and Colorado who have faced legal and ethical dilemmas in their clinical practices.

Deb will help participants develop ethical, self-protective strategies to avoid the high-risk case turning into the nightmare case! As a seasoned clinician, who has a firm belief in protecting clients and guarding their confidentiality, Deb’s suggestions always are fashioned to protect the therapeutic relationship and the client and therapist from bullying, harassing legal activity.

We will be discussing numerous case examples furnished by participants and culled from Deb’s legal practice in Louisiana and Colorado, which provides much grist for the training mill! Additionally, Deb will teach participants a relatively simple step-by-step approach for ethically responding to subpoenas for records, depositions, and/or trial testifying. Deb will help participants learn how to prepare for litigation events such as depositions and trial testifying.

  • I. Ethical Obligations in the Context of Couples and Families
    • A. Why Couples and Families are Considered High-Risk Clients
    • B. Certain Risks Inherent in Treating Couples and Families
    • C. Specific Clinical and Legal Challenges When Working with Couples and Families: Case Examples (Deb’s and Participants’ situations)
  • II. Ethically Responding to Subpoenas & Dealing with Attorneys
    • A. Self-Protective, Client-Protective Procedure upon Receipt of Subpoena
    • B. Subpoenas for Records, Deposition or Trial Testimony
    • C. Preparing Clinician and Clients for Legal Involvement of Either/Both

Colorado Trainings:



WHEN (tentative):


Description of Workshop:

Self-Protective, Ethical Practices for Clinicians to Handle High-Risk Clients and Legal Involvement

In the workshops, I always ask participants to send me case examples to discuss in the seminar. I also incorporate a variety of ethical conundrums for high-risk clinical practices from my law practice defending such claims when grievances are filed against clinicians. I also help clinicians understand how to prepare for depositions and/or trial testifying.

Trainings typically are three (3) hours and certificates will be provided for use with DORA upon renewal.

  • I. Therapists Over a Wobbly Barrel: Confidentiality versus Demands for Records or Testimony
  • II. High-Risk Clients: Dealing with Demands, Harassment, Stalking, Threats and Other Adventures – Case Examples from Participants and Deb
  • III. High Conflict Divorce/Separation/Custody Cases
  • IV. Ethically Responding to Subpoenas and Dealing with Attorneys


Meet the Trainers:

Deb Henson, LCSW, JD, LL.M

Deb is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 35 years clinical experience, who is also a lawyer since 1991. She has been defending clinicians since 2000 in various types of licensing board matters. Deb also has a robust practice of risk prevention consultation for therapists who are attempting to avoid ending up before their licensing board. After Ethics training around the country for PESI and Cross Country since 2006, Deb started her own training business, Beyond Ethics, LLC, in 2009. Through Beyond Ethics, Deb has been offering two to four trainings annually in Louisiana since its inception and in Colorado since 2015.

Deb can be reached through her training web site: or her law and social work web site: She can also be emailed at or

John Gianforte, LPC, LMFT

John Gianforte is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He received his Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern Louisiana State University. He founded and served as the president and Chief Executive Officer of Mental Health Solutions, a non-profit, CARF accredited community based mental health center serving Northwest Louisiana. Mr. Gianforte has served as president of the Louisiana Association of Child Care Agencies, the Louisiana Ambulatory Care Association, and is the founding member of the Louisiana Association of Behavioral Health Providers. He has also served on a host of statewide boards and commissions. He is a certified Telehealth Provider, and experienced in court testimony in civil and criminal cases. He is in full-time private practice in Shreveport Louisiana, and specializes in the trauma-informed treatment of children, adolescents, and adults.

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